Bio: Originally a publishing entrepreneur with 25-years in the community newspaper industry, Wally owned, operated and eventually sold the Mammoth Lakes-based company he founded -- New Times Publishing Inc -- in 1987. For more than 2 decades he was best-known among die-hard skiers, snowboarders and Mammoth fun-seekers as the voice of the resort’s full-color, weekly newspaper -- Mammoth Times. As Matthew’s father and right-hand-man since Hofmann Architecture’s inception, Wally affectionately refers to the company as: “Hofmann & Dad.”

Resumé: Customer Ambassador Officer responsible for customer relations and communications “to insure a positive experience and product development after the sale of a Living Vehicle.” As the firm’s Cultural Officer he is the inspirational leader and sets a family-centered, optimistic, can-do tone.

HA: What’s your role with the company?

WH: Both of us have taken a hands-on approach to the business, so we’ve worn all of the hats... from marketing, sales, design, customer service, project coordination and construction management. This self-discovery allows us to understand how each role in the organization works. After we’ve created a process we hand-off responsibility to a team member with special talents in that particular role. Last year I launched Living Vehicle sales… today, my role is customer relations.

HA: How have your past experiences influenced you today?

WH: One of the common values from my publishing days that we share today is the high value we place on taking care of the customer. We believe it’s vital to provide our customers with a person who guides them through the entire process. Our customers know I’m their go-to-guy who walks them through production, delivery, orientation, and answers any questions. They know they can trust me to take care of things down the road.

Words to live by: We are constantly improving the Living Vehicle because our name is on it. We want to produce a product that works so our customers can focus on living the life they’ve always dreamed of.
Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Hofmann Architecture is the world's leading Architecture firm specializing in mobile space design services. The firm was founded in 2010 by Architect, Matthew Hofmann and his father Wally. Inspired by a vision of spreading a better way of living, the firm has designed over 400 custom projects for a wide variety of applications. Today, nearly a decade of experience designing and living in mobile spaces has culminated in their creation of Living Vehicle™, an all new mobile space designed for living.
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