Bio: Born and raised in Northern Nevada, Kevin has always found himself outdoors. Whether working long hours on the farm or hands-on construction in the shop. On a ranch, everyday there is something to do. He’s never been bored at work with nothing to do. His passion for the natural beauty of the great outdoors was fueled by Architecture. Whether designing new organic spaces or pursuing the design of transitional spaces from indoor to outdoor.

Resumé: Kevin attended Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, NV where he earned his Associate’s in Architecture. Soon after that he moved out of state to San Diego where he pursued his Bachelor’s in Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture and Design. Months after graduating he began his residential design internship at Hofmann Architecture in pursuit of completing his IDP hours for licensing. He has since then been promoted to his current position with the company.

HA: What’s your role with the company?

KV: With my background in Architecture I am part of the design team. However, I have had the opportunity to also evolve and mange construction of all builds as Construction Manager. It’s the best of both worlds and helps me answer a lot of questions of what is physically possible.

HA: What’s your favorite part of each work day?

KV: It’s hard to pick a certain part of the day. I thoroughly enjoy pushing the boundaries and problem solving. Pushing the boundaries in the sense of trying to make the impossible possible, whether creating new or different solutions that work. Everyday is so unique so it's hard to say what part of the day is my favorite.

HA: Where do you see this company in the next few years?

KV: This company is growing everyday. It's amazing to look back on the two years I have been here and see how much it has evolved. As I mentioned, it’s never a dull moment. Rather than taking steps we take strides. Every day is amazing and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Words to live by: The greatest motivation in life is when someone puts the impossible before you, and you challenge the impossible against all odds.
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