Bio: Born and raised in Oceanside, it’s only fitting Bradley considers himself a waterman. From surfing to diving and even fishing, if it has anything to do with water, Brad is instantly drawn to it. He has lived in Kaua’i, Hawaii. Since 2011 he’s called Santa Barbara, California home. His favorite pastimes include camping, backpacking and hiking. He’s also into the arts and likes to dabble in photography and discover new music. As for his personality, Bradley is known for being a good communicator. He’s personable, so he’s great with people -- which makes him a star salesperson. Bradley loves a good challenge and doesn’t mind being thrown into the fire. He truly believes in our company’s mission, and enjoys learning from his executive mentors.

Resumé: Bradley earned his BA in Cultural Anthropology with Honors from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2014. Post graduation he moved to the Island of Kaua’i where he worked as a Director of Tours for a sustainable chocolate farm. Later, Bradley worked as a Sales Manager, spearheading both Communications and Logistics for world class surfboard shaper, Ryan Lovelace, in Santa Barbara, CA. During this time, he also worked as a Floor Manager at the company’s retail location, Trim Shop SB. “We basically built Trim (as a brand) from the ground up, in terms of marketing and sales strategy” says Brad. “I learned a lot about how to reach people, get them engaged, and then turn that engagement into sales.” Bradley has held multiple roles at Hofmann Architecture including Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager, and more recently Sales Manager.

HA: What’s your role with the company?

BM: As the Sales Manager I am in charge of synthesizing, strategizing, and implementing sales strategies across the department. It is my job to hit sales targets, expand our customer base, and project future performance.

HA: What’s your favorite part of each work day?

BM: My favorite part of each day is always changing. We work in an extremely dynamic workplace. Some days my favorite part of the day is riding a bike to get lunch, other days its closing a sale!

HA: Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled since working at Hofmann Architecture?

BM: I spent a month in Morocco and it was one of the coolest place I’ve ever seen on earth. From the Sahara desert, to bustling ancient cities, add to that the best point breaks I’ve ever surfed in my life… Morocco is a must!

Words to live by: Never give up!
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