HofArc’s Premiere Airstream – Visionary  1978 Trade Wind 25′

History: Matthew Hofmann’s first Airstream, Visionary, was purchased in April of 2010. At the time, Hofmann said, “It was renovated in the spirit of small space, low-cost, sustainable and efficient living, starting with recycled waste, reused and locally-produced materials installed by local artisans.”

This unit has been featured in over 100 Press Publications including:
For that year, Visionary was Hofmann’s home. In September of 2011, Hofmann’s first Airstream was purchased by a former pro football player to travel the USA. For five years, this 25-foot Airstream has been memorialized as the front door to the Great Outdoors. A few years later, the Airstream was purchased by a Santa Barbara resident who used it primarily as a nightly rental property.

Today, Visionary continues to be the flagship example by which all other Airstream renovations are measured. Custom renovation clients continue to point to Visionary’s signature sea blue tiles, bamboo flooring and countertops, and efficient cabinetry.

This Airstream also has the distinction of being the first of hundreds of HofArc renovations that have followed.  Visionary is the unit that started Hofmann Architecture.

Vessel: 1978 Trade Wind 25′

Location: Santa Barbara, CA.

Purpose: What started out as “just a hobby,” has burgeoned into a booming business that creates highly-efficient, elegant mobile living and working spaces. Hofmann’s first Airstream is a clearly a work of art that emits cool tones, is ultra eco-friendly, tech wise, and crammed with creative details.

Design Highlights: The interior features bamboo countertops, table, and floors; recycled glass tile in the bathroom; durable fabrics; low-VOC paints and stains; with a unmistakably HofArc contemporary design and clean lines.

Paint & Colors
Living Room
Dining Room
Based in Santa Barbara, Hofmann Architecture is a family-owned business started by the father and son tandem, Matthew and Wally Hofmann. Hofmann Architecture creates a full-service approach to small space mobile design and build services. With over a century of combined experience, Hofmann Architecture is the only licensed Architecture firm in the world who specializes in full-service design and renovation of mobile spaces.
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